The power of two bays in a single automatic.

The simultaneous action of five independent wands grants the Typhoon™ the power of two bays in a single automatic, using only a fraction of the time needed by typical in-bay car washes.


Wash up to 40 vehicles per hour.

The faster you can get cars through the bay, the quicker you head to the bank. The Typhoon™ can wash cars at a rate of up to 40 VEHICLES PER HOUR, representing a single-bay investment with double-bay returns!


Control the entire cleaning process.

The Typhoon™ applies chemicals and washes five vehicle sides simultaneously. With this unique process, you’ll clean more cars per hour than any other touchless, adjustable automatic on the market today. The Typhoon™ comes standard with on-board rocker panel blasters and underbody wash so you can control the entire cleaning process.


Select wash cycles that fit your location.

Adjusting to both the length and width of each vehicle, the Typhoon™ computer controls give you, the operator, versatility to wash anything from small cars to the longest double-cab pickups, even dually trucks. You can also select wash cycles that are just right for each location. Oasis processors are supplied by the world’s most respected industrial controls.


Protect what matters most.

From the moment money is inserted and wash selected, the Typhoon™‘s built-in safety features work to protect your customer as well as the system, while our industry-leading 5-YEAR WARRANTY delivers even more peace of mind to your operation.


Less downtime, more income.

The Typhoon™‘s simple design requires only five moving components in the bay, thereby adding to its longevity. Less downtime, more income.


Exact in every movement.

Our gear drive system has machine-tool precision. There is no need to worry about low air or flat tires causing the machine to slip and skew. With the Oasis unique drive, every movement is exact.


Look good, feel secure.

The Typhoon™‘s wall-mounted frame helps protect the unit from damage by water, chemicals and grime through its elevated carriage system. It is also more visually attractive than ground-mounted machines. The wall-mounted frame provides an open, spacious bay that is more appealing to customers.


Meet Onboard XPert™

Oasis’ onboard XPert™ monitors the entire system as well as the customer, and keeps you informed of unusual events. XPert™ is not only your troubleshooting consultant – it can act as a service worker as well.

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Financing Options


Enjoy the functionality of a Tunnel Wash Controller by allowing your customers to upgrade their wash package with any additional wash functions they may wish to purchase, giving them complete customization of their wash. The system places all purchased upgrades in their proper wash cycle position automatically.


Electronic scanning and positioning

Triple foam shine system

Onboard foamy tire cleaner

Spot-free rinse system

Heated Presoak

Internet communication

Free prevention package

Two-step presoak

In-bay pump package

Premium clearcoat protectant application

LED lighted bridge covers

Free-standing dryer

Auto cashier and POS system

Instructional LED sign packages

Floor mount

92” extended height version

Dual side adjust

Zero-degree oscillating nozzles

Foamy wax bath


Bug and bumper cleaner

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