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Welcome to Oasis

Oasis Car Wash Systems is the Best place to Buy and Invest in Dependable, High-Speed
and Efficient Car Wash Systems & Equipment


Types of Car Wash Systems We Offer

Click a type of car wash system to learn what products we have available.

Oasis Car Wash System self serve

Oasis Car Wash System drying systems


Oasis Car Wash Systems manufactures some of the best car wash equipment and wash systems.

Oasis Car Wash Systems technology include automatic car wash equipment and car wash systems. Types of systems include: touchless car wash systems, soft-touch car wash systems, truck washes, and high pressure car wash systems. In addition, some of our own car wash system products include: Eclipse Car Wash System, Typhoon, XP, BayWash i5, Adapt Car Drying Systems, GaleForce Car Drying Systems, and JetStream Self Service. Our car wash systems are an excellent business opportunity for increased revenue.