BayWash i5

Condense the power of a full-scale car wash into a bay-sized footprint.

Our BayWash i5™ Soft-Touch Hybrid In-Bay Automatic lets you provide customers with a professional-grade wash with a much smaller resource commitment.


Enjoy the same performance as a touch-free washer.

BayWash™ Tunnel Clean Technology delivers the same level of cleaning performance as our touch-free equipment – only with brushes. Anything less and you won’t be able to deliver a consistent wash, and customers won’t return week after week.


We over-engineer durability.

The i5™’s structural frame is that of a professional-grade conveyorized car wash designed to process over a hundred cars per hour. The frame also carries a LIFETIME WARRANTY with a 1-year warranty on parts.


Enjoy immediate feedback through our BayNet™ system.

The i5™ Soft Touch is fully supported through our BayNet™ system. If something ever goes wrong, you won’t be on your own. The i5™’s diagnostic will alert you with specific information on your issue.


Get the help you need, when you need it.

BayWash™ has access to a fully stocked warehouse and typically ships parts the same day. If you have a local technician, he or she may even be able to repair your system immediately thanks to the i5™’s open architecture and use of standardized parts.


Wash without worry.

Our patented coupler design safely navigates 68-inch wrap washers around mirrors and antennas while cleaning front and side surfaces before swinging past the back to double contact time.


Look great, feel secure.

The i5™ features sealed gearboxes and shafts mounted on vibration dampers to reduce wear and maintenance. All weight is carried by two-inch industrial grade bearings for unprecedented reliability.

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Financing Options


Enjoy the functionality of a Tunnel Wash Controller by allowing your customers to upgrade their wash package with any additional wash functions they may wish to purchase, giving them complete customization of their wash. The system places all purchased upgrades in their proper wash cycle position automatically.


Tire shiner

Water reclamation system

Entry teller and POS system

Smart dryer

Triple foam shine system

Wheel brush

Internet connection

Onboard or freestanding dryers

Onboard foamy tire cleaner

Two-step presoak

Premium clearcoat protectant

RGB bay lights

LED signs

Zero-degree oscillating nozzles

Foamy wax bath


High-pressure pumping plant

Lighted menu signs

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