Oasis X1

More bang for your buck.

The Oasis X1™ offers one of the most economical touch-free in-bay automatics in the industry. By simplifying washing architecture to one spraying mechanism, investors save start-up funds without sacrificing the same great car wash experience Oasis is known for.


Onboard XPert™.

Our onboard XPert™ monitors your entire system as well as the customer’s vehicle and keeps you informed of unusual events. XPert™ is not only your consultant in troubleshooting but in some cases acts as a service worker as well. X1™ also features our proprietary Vehicle Avoidance System (VAS), which makes necessary width and length adjustments immediately if the X1™ comes in contact with portions of the vehicle such as mirrors, trailers, hitches, snowplows, or any other aftermarket add-on.


The X1™ can do it all.

The Oasis X1™ smart technology allows you the versatility to wash anything from the smallest cars to the longest dual-cab pickups, even dually trucks. Its great functionality also permits the selection of wash cycles just right for each location. Different geographical locations have different needs, and the X1™ provides the flexibility you need to succeed no matter where you are.


Lower costs without sacrificing quality.

Oasis developed the X1™ to offer a lower-cost alternative. Its highly efficient chemical delivery system, along with maximum water impingement, provides optimum wash results. Better cleaning ensures customer loyalty.


Built to last. And last. And last.

When investing in equipment, reliability is of utmost importance. Hydraulically powered, the X1™ gear drive system is the most reliable in the industry. The simple design allows for minimal moving components, which adds to its longevity. Less downtime equals more profit, year after year.


Convenience meets aesthetics.

The X1™’s customer-friendly open design makes it easier to enter and exit the wash bay, increasing throughput and raising visual appeal to customers. The wall-mounted frame and elevated carriage system help protect the unit from strike damage as well as chemicals and grime.


Easier for customers. Easier for you.

This virtual stop station “reads” the car’s location within the bay while the electronic – or “smart system” – eliminates the need for a positioning device on the floor. This feature makes it easier and faster for customers to drive in and out of the wash bay. It also means satisfied returning customers free from worry about lining up their car to hit a floor device.


Enjoy the functionality of a Tunnel Wash Controller by allowing your customers to upgrade their wash package with any additional wash functions they may wish to purchase, giving them complete customization of their wash. The system places all purchased upgrades in their proper wash cycle position automatically.

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Triple foam shine system

Onboard foamy tire cleaner

Foamy wax bath

Spot-free rinse system

Two-step presoak

Heated presoak

Internet communication

Freeze prevention package

Premium clearcoat protectant application

LED lighted sign package

Onboard or freestanding dryer

RGB bay lights

Auto cashier and POS systems

Floor mount

Instructional LED sign package

Undercarriage wash

Rocker Blaster wash

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