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Oasis Develops Revolutionary Drying System

Oasis Car Wash Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce the development of a revolutionary on-board drying system that can be integrated into any touch-free or friction in-bay automatic car wash system on the market.

The Adapt™ Drying System was designed and engineered in response to requests by car wash owners for a dryer that would be compatible with their existing equipment. Operators are no longer limited to purchasing a freestanding dryer since the Adapt™ will interface with whatever car wash system they already have. It also offers owners more control over the drying process which, in turn, allows them to offer their customers a better quality product.

Oasis is committed to being on the forefront of any and all technological developments that result in the betterment of its operators, their customers, and the environment. For example, not only is the Adapt™ a quieter drying system that draws less power than its predecessors, it is also designed to achieve a higher throughput than standard on-board drying systems. The automated drying bay allows for two cars to be processed simultaneously, resulting in increased income for the operator.

Oasis Car Wash Systems is a family-owned and operated company located in Galena, Kansas. Formed in the late 1970s as a division of Wadler Manufacturing, Oasis manufactures dependable, high-speed, and efficient car wash equipment with the investor in mind.

For more information about the Adapt Drying System or any of the Oasis products, contact Curtis Wade at (800) 892-3537.