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Which Oasis Touch-Free Machine is Right For Me?

Oasis offers a variety of Touch-Free In-Bay automatics, and choosing the right one for you is a big decision! We offer three different types of Touch-Free machines: The “Typhoon”, the “XP” and the “X1”. All of our touchless machines operate on the same basic concepts: Hydraulically driven, rack and pinion machines featuring our Electronic Scanning and Positioning System. Here is where the differences come in to play:

The Oasis Typhoon is our flagship machine. It has developed and evolved from our original touch-free in-bay automatic, the “Adjust-o-Matic”, that started production in 1985. It features 3 bridges and four wands, allowing you to wash all four sides of the vehicle at once, as well as the top of the vehicle. The front bridge is stationary and hosts our front wand that moves horizontally across the front of the car applying chemicals and rinses. Our main bridge carries our two side wands, with the capability to width-adjust to the width of the vehicle. Once the width adjustment is made, the main bridge will then carry the side wands down the rail washing the sides of the car, as well as the top. Lastly, our rear bridge hosts our rear wand, and our length optic. Measuring the length of the vehicle as it moves down the rail, once it finds the rear of the vehicle the rear wand will then operate in the same fashion as the front wand, washing the rear of the vehicle. With average wash speeds around 2 minutes, the Typhoon is known for its speed and reliability. The Typhoon is the perfect machine for you if you have a high traffic count and a need to increase throughput. With the speed of the Typhoon, it’s like putting two In-Bay automatics into one machine.

Next is our XP machine. Similar to the Typhoon in many ways, except that it only has one bridge with two wands. The drivers side wand is a fixed wand that will go up and down the drivers side of the vehicle as the bridge moves down the rail. The second wand is a 270 degree wand. When in the home position, the two wands will start side by side. As the wash begins, the second wand will come across the front of the vehicle measuring width, then it will turn and go down the passenger side of the vehicle while simultaneously measuring length of vehicle. Once it reaches the rear of the vehicle, that wand will then turn and wash the rear of the vehicle. The XP is perfect for just about any location.

Lastly is our X1, our entry-level touch-free machine. If you are looking to get into the car washing business or renovate an old site with new equipment and are looking for an inexpensive way to put new equipment in, this is the machine for you. Once again similar to our other touch-free machines, except that our X1 features our 360 degree inverted L style wand. Moving 360 degrees around the vehicle with built in safety features, this machine could be a great fit for small towns or new investors.

All of our machines are built to last, and you really can’t go wrong no matter which machine you pick! Quality equipment, exceptional customer service, and service technicians who are there to help you from day one will be a part of every machine you order from Oasis.

Both the Typhoon and the XP are available in our Eclipse System as well. Check out our other blog “Which Eclipse is right for me?” to read more on this.