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How Much Does A New Car Wash Cost To Build?

Once a location is chosen and a site plan formulated, construction on your new car wash may begin. Potential investors are often curious as to the cost of building a car wash, but with so many construction options available, not to mention differences in cost by region, it is impossible to give an accurate cost estimate without knowing site specifics.

As a general approximation, however, cost often runs between $40K and $60K per automatic bay. Again, this varies widely depending on the structure type and location.

If a site is deemed feasible and the decision is made to begin construction, one of the first necessary steps is to obtain availability letters for all site utilities. Zoning permits have to be secured as well – a sometimes lengthy process on which the investor should have a handle before investing too much time and money on the site.

Once confident the car wash will be built at the chosen location, an investor should team with a distributor and builder to formulate the best site design for high revenue.

To maximize revenue, a site should be built for easy customer access, with a separate entrance and exit. The wash should be attractive and highly visible from as many directions as possible. To increase security, as well as ensure customers use the facility well into the evening hours, a site should be as heavily lighted as possible, making customers feel safe and welcome.

Navigating the new construction of a carwash can take time. With our long history of working alongside contractors all over the world, we can help guide you through the process.