MyWash Pass

MyWash Pass

Business Just Got Easier!

MyWash Pass is an integrated payment and management platform for car wash operators.

It is the latest and easiest payment platform in the car wash industry.

• Customer downloads the app, registers, and starts washing
• No cash or tokens
• Secure payments
• Builds customer data
• Handy dashboard


Easy for your customers.  The MyWash Pass app is easy to install, easy to use, and it’s free! With the tap of a finger, your customers can select, activate and pay for any car wash service available on your site.  Coins and tokens will become a thing of the past.  The entire wash experience is made simple, convenient and hassle-free.

Valuable for your business.  MyWash Pass will improve your day-to-day business operations, build your customer databases and, with the License Plate Recognition Software, increase security and revenue.  Create targeted marketing campaigns and loyalty programs for your site, offer special deals during quieter periods, or identify business trends.

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Three key elements work in harmony for you and your customers.  Once you’ve installed the MyWash Pass payment platform at your site, you will instantly see how convenient and beneficial it is for you and your customer.

MyWash Pass can be up and running in no time.  The hardware can be customized to suit any site no matter the size or range of equipment.  Simple to install and use, a central control cabinet monitors all the data from your site.  The License Plate Recognition Software increases functionality and security for your peace of mind.

An easy-to-use dashboard gives you real-time data on equipment and customer activity as it happens.  No matter what equipment is being used, customer and equipment usage can be viewed at a glance.  Data can easily be exported, allowing more comprehensive and detailed reporting.  Understand your customers’ needs, identify patterns, and monitor equipment spending and usage.

The MyWash Pass consumer app makes using your car wash more convenient than ever before.  With the free app, customers can add family members or work vehicles, monitor spending and produce tax invoices.  It’s simple to use and eliminates the need for coins or tokens.

Transform your business with user-friendly technology today!  Sign up for MyWash Pass and promote it with our marketing tool kit.  Improve productivity, increase your profitability, and watch your business grow.  It couldn’t be easier!